Our Mission

The KLM Foundation identifies talented young students from economically disadvantaged, rural communities in the Mpumalanga province of South Africa and awards the students a five year scholarship to attend one of South Africa’s leading secondary schools, Uplands College. The KLM Foundation scholarship is a leadership development program, founded on an ethic of scholarship and service: KLM Scholars are talented, motivated young people who wish to better themselves and their country through education. We want young people who want to change their world.

Founded in 2004, in collaboration with Uplands College, the KLM Foundation identifies and nurtures young South Africans with the potential to lead their country into the future. Despite the barriers of poverty and economic deprivation, South Africa’s rural communities possess the talent, innovation, and vision that brought about the democratic transformation of the country twenty five years ago. Now, more than ever, young South Africans with talent and promise need the education and opportunity to carry forward that legacy.

The klm difference

KLM emphasizes four points that differentiate it from other scholarship programs in South Africa and elsewhere:

  • Rural Focus: KLM serves South Africa’s most rural communities—not cities, not towns, not townships, but rural villages and farm communities

  • Selection Process: Our multi-tiered selection process ensures that our scholarship recipients are truly the communities’ most talented

  • Bridging Program: Our six month bridging program helps rural students adapt to the academic and social rigors of Uplands College.

  • Leadership Development: During their five years at Uplands, KLM Scholars participate in a leadership development curriculum that prepares them for the responsibilities ahead. Components include: extracurricular responsibilities on campus, community service, career counseling and job shadowing, university admission counseling and support, and additional ‘bridging’ support from high school to college.

What We've Achieved

  • 21 students have come through the KLM program

  • Every student who graduated high school has gone on to tertiary studies

  • Every student who has started tertiary studies has graduated with a tertiary degree